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  • Green Fuels : No Fossils Required

    As we seem to be burning fossil fuels at an alarming rate,it was obvious we had to turn to a new source of energy.Scientists predict the world will be out of oil reserves by around

  • Transparent Conductors or Conducting Gels

    Transparent conducting films (TCFs) are optically transparent and electrically conductive in thin layers. They are an important component of a number of electronic devices including liquid-crystal displays, OLEDs, touchscreens and photovoltaics. While indium tin oxide

  • USB-C Means One Cable For All

    We’ve all used USB cables and USB drives. We all know the frustration of it not fitting because we tried to plug it in the wrong way. USB Type-C, however, takes care of that inconvenience

  • 10 Innovators Under 35

    An innovator in a general sense, is a person or an organization who is one of the first to introduce into reality something better than before. That opens up a new area for others and

  • What After 25 Years Of Wi-Fi?

    You must be at home browsing facebook ,snapchat ,9gag and tones of other sites.But suddenly the net is down and all hell brakes loose.’What happened to the wi-fi?’ you must be thinking. The internet has

  • Uber Could Be First To Test Completely Driverless Cars In Public

    Ever heard of a car being driven by no one? If not, here’s the first place you should here it from. There are many large companies like Google, Uber, Audi who are working on incorporating