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  • Proposed Law Would Shorten Divorce Waiting Period

    Divorce is difficult. It can be painful, exhausting, debilitating, and expensive. In a no-fault divorce, instead of proving that one spouse is to blame, you merely tell the court that you and your spouse have

  • Mini Kitchen Makeovers

    Upgrading your kitchen needn’t cost a fortune. Here are few tips to see how painted cabinets, stylish task lighting, vintage fixtures, and clever storage ideas can create made-to-order looks for less. 1. Get Creative with

  • Winter Skin Check-up

    The most important thing you may do for your health this winter is get your skin checked. While a great number of people take on-board the sun-smart message during summer, it is often neglected during

  • It’s Never too late to go Back to School

    When many people consider returning to school, they often reflect on what their high school experience was like. They have unpleasant memories of hard wooden desks and strict teachers. Today’s adult education system is much

  • Fish Pedicure – Pros & Cons

    Eating fish is great for skin. But on the contrary letting the fish eat you can also be good for skin. What is a Fish Pedicure             It may sound creepy so brace yourselves. In

  • Gardening Makes You Happy and Cures Depression

    If you’re feeling a little down, don’t reach for a glass of wine grab your trowel and head to the flowerbeds instead. A spot of gardening will lift your spirits, a study suggests. More than

  • Homework Outdated in Today’s Educational System?

    Gone are the days when school children across America had to trudge through several inches of snow to make their way to one-room school-houses. Likewise, fallen by the wayside is the use of the three

  • All You Need To Know About Driverless Cars

    10 years back when we used to think about future cars, we could not have imagine driverless cars at that time. Since a century, we have safe and reliable cars. Now with much advancements in

  • Five Key Questions to Ask a Vendor Before Buying Supply Chain Software

    Supply Chain Management is constantly evolving with benefits that extend beyond operational efficiencies to strategic and financial improvements. Supply Chain Planning software integrates long-term, mid-term and short-term planning. Supply Chain Execution software is made up

  • These Laptop Tips Will Make You Feel Like A Wizard

    Laptops are great to own and they will make your life less complicated. However, they still require a lot of maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If your laptop is extremely sluggish and you feel