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  • BBC Launches Microbit in London

    The BBC has finally launched it’s new micro:bit project in London. At the event, many partners showcased potential uses for the Micro:Bit. It could be used as a game controller or to steer a simple

  • Best Fashion Apps To Download

    We live in a world where our smartphones are pretty much cemented to our bodies at all times, so it can’t be denied that we’ve become more than a little dependent on insta-information. While debates

  • What are Popular Careers in Fashion?

    You must have been exposed to the fashion industry at some point in your life.This would either would through TV shows or models walking down the red carpet. Popular actors and models wear clothes made

  • World’s Top Alternative Holiday Destinations

    Sure, we love Paris, London, Dubai, who doesn’t? It’s easy to get in a rut when planning a trip, but defaulting to an easy destination is how you end up at the Hard Rock Hotel

  • Europe’s Next Cheap Holiday Destination : Azores

    There is a new place that is claiming to be one of the cheapest holiday destinations.In comes Azores.It is a small region in portugal which consists of  nine major islands and an islet cluster.These islands

  • Gardening Without Water

    Across the various social media sites , gardeners have been talking about the drought, what it means for their gardens and plants they will grow in the future. Many are wondering whether there is room

  • Why is Hong Kong’s Public Transportation System The Best?

    Hong Kongs Public Transportation system cant be compared  to any other.There are numerous ways to get around Hong Kong, whether it’s by rail, bus or tram. The city claims one of the world’s most efficient

  • Never Sign a Cellphone Contract Again

    Thinking of buying a new cellphone? Well, you also have to think about the cellphone plan you have to choose and there you go, find yourself stuck between the two options of choosing the cellphone

  • How to Dry Out a Cellphone?

    You might have heard similar stories – the waitress dropped a glass full of water on it , I jumped in the pool with the phone in my pocket, I accidentally dropped it in the

  • Whats Wrong With Drones?

    When we read drone, most of us associate it as a danger to global peace and security, a war weapon. Technically called “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), drones are just aircraft without human pilots onboard, encompassing

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