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  • Designers Tips For Having A Luxurious Bathroom

    Do you feel that you bathroom needs a makeover?Maybe you don’t like the layout anymore or you don’t feel your bathroom is big enough.The color of the bathroom doesn’t match the color you had in

  • Top Travel Instagrams You Have To Follow

    You sit at your desk all day looking at facebook,Instagram,snapchat and suddenly you notice a close friend is on a trip abroad.They keep posting pictures at various destinations and you cant help but feel jealous

  • 5 Assumptions About Retirement: True Or False?

    Have you just joined the work force? it may the right time to start saving for your future. why you ask? because saving a little now can help you guarantee a secured future.But Many people


    Jeans have always been considered as an apparel of comfort. Be it high-waist, lose jeans, tapered jeans or skinny jeans. Skinny people usually adore skinny denim jeans, after all, in the beginning it would appear

  • From Broadway To Hollywood: 12 Musicals Made Into Movies

    It’s been a trend on Broadway for years to stage shows based on movies, both big and small. However, sometimes things can actually move in the opposite direction and movies have been developed out of

  • Songs You Didn’t Know Ed Sheeran Wrote

    Ed Sheeran is no doubt one of the most successful music artists Britain has produced in years. He performed his first gig at the young age of eleven and went on to pursue his dream.

  • What After 25 Years Of Wi-Fi?

    You must be at home browsing facebook ,snapchat ,9gag and tones of other sites.But suddenly the net is down and all hell brakes loose.’What happened to the wi-fi?’ you must be thinking. The internet has

  • Uber Could Be First To Test Completely Driverless Cars In Public

    Ever heard of a car being driven by no one? If not, here’s the first place you should here it from. There are many large companies like Google, Uber, Audi who are working on incorporating

  • Is Higher Education A Giant Pyramid Scheme?

    Many say student loans are worth it because in the end, one receives an education and is able to acquire a job to pay off the loans. However, according to a recent Forbes article, paying

  • Save Money on Your Cellphone Bill

    As carriers scramble to attract customers, it’s a good time to change plans The average American spends about $1,000 a year on their cell phone bill, but some industry insiders estimate about $50 billion is