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  • Cellphones Can Be Addictive!

    It’s difficult to imagine life without smartphones.Some people just can’t watch one episode of OITNB – they need to check out the whole series in one sitting. Others can’t enjoy a slice of cake –

  • Hidden Dangers of Cellphone Radiation

    Every day, we’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, wiring in buildings, and a slew of other technologies that are part of modern life. From the dishwasher

  • All You Wanted To Know About 3D Printing

    If you have not heard of 3D Printing you are probably living under a rock.This amazing tech lets you turn 2D designs into three-dimensional models of just anything.This includes toys, computer chip, models for your

  • Plus-Size Fashion Gains Popularity, Retailers Love It Too

    The definition of plus-size clothing varies, with PLUS Model Magazine setting the break-off point at size 12, while The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune have put it at size 14. The average dress

  • Best Christmas Vacation Spots

    Spending the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weeks with family and friends is the longstanding tradition in most of the Western world, but those based in the colder northern climates are looking for alternatives. After

  • Grow Your Own Herbs

    No porch is too small, no kitchen too cramped to stop you growing your own herbs. The next time a recipe calls for fresh basil, skip the poor substitute of dried basil, forget the last-minute

  • How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop?

    While your laptop is designed and tested to hold up to a lot of use, common sense should tell you that you should not misuse your machine. As a result of some hard lessons students

  • Planes, Trains, Cars, Buses – Which is Least Damaging For Earth?

    Which mode of transportation is best for the earth? A study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technologyby researchers at IIASA and Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) calculates the climate impact

  • Bees : Friend Or Foe?

    Most of us are scared from bees. When we see this tiny insect around, we close our ears, cover our face and run as fast as we can in any direction and take a dip

  • These Digital Businesses Are Now Flush With VC Money

    Among the various financing options entrepreneurs can turn to when starting a new company is venture capital. Venture capital is money that is given to help build new startup firms that often are considered to