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  • Who Should Pay The Price Of Clean Energy?

    There is no doubt that an abundant supply of clean energy to power the planet ranks as one of the top issues that must be satisfactorily addressed if future generations are to enjoy life as

  • Stupid Interview Questions You Should Avoid Asking

    For people who have been to many companies for an interview would know the most common and stupid questions interviewers ask. Most of these stupid interview questions are such that one can memorize answers and

  • Current Most Searched Jobs

    To determine which professions are most in demand right now, job search engines searched their  database to identify the 10 occupations being hired with the greatest frequency. The study specifies that the picture offered does

  • Best Apps For Children

    Competition in the field of children’s tablets is growing. With kids in mind, companies such as Fuhu make tablets that come standard with protective casings and parental controls. The entertainment industry is jumping into the

  • This Suitcase Could Be A Traveller’s Genie Lamp!

    If you have old luggage, buying new luggage can be a money-saver in the long run. Having the right type of luggage to fit current-day airline luggage rules will help you avoid extra fees by

  • 50 Cool Small Businesses

    Today is as good as any to start your own business.Small Businesses are growing at a tremendous rate.People are willing to take the plunge into uncertainty inorder to get rich or die trying.The question is

  • Funding A Start-Up

    Every start-up entrepreneur with a dream believes he has an excellent idea and raising money should not be a problem.Yet, it’s been noticed that getting adequate money to sustain a project is possibly the single

  • The Persistent Claim Of Worker Shortage May Be Phony?

    As millions of students prepare this summer to begin their university studies, they’re being pressed to choose STEM fields, if only to keep America in the lead among its global rivals. “In the race for

  • Technology Driving Delivery Times To Near Zero

    Whatever is said about technology is less.Technology lets us reach talk to our loved ones,video chat with them, shop online without going to the store,order food online without going to the restaurant,book tickets online. With

  • How To Defrost Your Freezer

    Every time you open your freezer, air seeps in. Once trapped inside, water vapour from that air condenses and turns to ice. And so, little by little, your spacious freezer turns into a cramped igloo.